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Speak Up! Affect Change (GW)

I give the best advice. Ask anyone. But the other night when I had to apply my advice to my own life and a new relationship, I stuttered, mumbled and finally, driven insane by my own over-editing mind, I blurt out, “Why am I so shy with you!” Now, in fact, that was not an I want statement. It was not some clear concise, brilliant rambling that would turn a man to jelly in my arms. But it was the truth. And in blurting out that truth, I felt better. Like some cat was finally let out of the bag.

The cat was let out of the bag. Parameters of relationship discussed and a finally “Whew! What a relief” swept over me. Truth was discussed. How I felt. How he felt. Things aligned and clarity was brought into view. Sometimes speaking up is not some declarative statement, “I need…” “I want…” because sometimes you don’t fully know what you need or want, just that something is not right. Something was not working for me—my entire communications system, apparently—and I blurted the truth of how I felt in the moment. Expressing one truth can open the door and beyond that freedom. Embrace it. Speak up and be bold—even in a blurt.  — GoodWitch


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