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Sail Along…

Healthiest and expansive 2012! It’s all about raising your vibration, babies!

2012—Mayan hype aside—promises to be the hinge year in this 9-year, likely evolutionary, cycle of change even the biggest deniers among us are experiencing. Are you ready?

I’m no doomsayer. Just sayin’: think of yourself all warmed up and stretched out over the last three years, for the rest of this marathon of transitions. These cosmic sign posts urging us all to grow and expand. And that is what 2011’s “losses” and transitions showed me professionally but mostly, personally, that it’s not the hard changes that we resist as as we’ve been taught to dread or outright fear, it’s the long transitions in between, where we have to do all the work that tests the mettle of us mere mortals. But really it’s not even the transitions that worry us, it’s how we react as indicated by where we focus our attention. Remaining focused on what doesn’t work or how things used to be can be reframed with where you want to be and feeling a true gratitude for what does work in our lives. …and, I’m no Pollyanna, either! Where attention goes, energy flows—raise your vibration, babies.

So, lovlies and gents, set or right your course, show up and do the work every day, no need to fight it, then you can…raise your sail (aka vibration) and let the wind and currents carry and flow you where you are meant to be…

If there was ever a time for your Inner Optimist to make a jail break, think of our times as a youthful-revealing exfoliation!  —Simone

P.S. Yes, one of my transitions included amicably, with celebration and mutual respect, “breaking up” with Lakenda (nee GoodWitch) this year. Our separate but parallel business paths will surely serve us both best. “GoodWitchBadWitch” was a name I (branding maven) envisioned as “encompassing both” (I’m also embracer of life’s paradoxes)—I’ve just come full circle. It’s all good. Will update you with her new site and info when she’s ready. Peace.


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