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Speak Up! Affect Change (BW)

When I got this week’s theme — which I love! — I decided to throw down a gauntlet: I’d like anyone who feels challenged by speaking up (speak up, even if anonymously!) to edify me as to why or what is most difficult about doing so (for you). I admit this is one way of being in the world I feel quite disconnected from, and I only fuzzily remember when I did occasionally have challenge speaking up for myself from childhood to younger adulthood to express my true voice, uhhm…louder than its natural volume and conviction. It feels so good to tell people what you need them to know when you need to let them know (appropriately; I do know how to pick my battles), and…get what you need in life by asking clearly for it. So please tell me why it’s hard for you to speak up and make your own world a better and easier place to live.

Not unrelated, I wouldn’t mind a few less scowly or disapproving looks when a bad witch tells it like it is and can still sleep at night. Maybe then they wouldn’t have had to water down the title of Laura Linney’s HBO series ‘The Big C’ (from ‘The “C” Word’). Taken together, this says something to me about our society’s discomfort with women speaking plainly and affecting their own worlds. Maybe if girls were encouraged to speak out and ask for what they want, “castrating bitches” like Isadora Duncan to Hillary Clinton wouldn’t need so many more voices to harmonize and sing it out even a little louder with.

I’m being serious. When you share with me, you’ll educate me. When or why is it hard for you to use your voice in the world, and speak up? Because if you don’t help me out, I will be forced to continue believing that Good Girl (or Guy) Syndrome is what keeps more people from reasonably speaking up, representing themselves as adults — and that seems a tad throwback, if not one-dimensional, to me in this last month of this millennium’s first decade. — BadWitch


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