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New Year’s Evolution

What a decade. Usually secure and grounded people we know felt everything from shocked from the first market bust, to eh!, to sad to depressed and back again. A fresh, shiny new year is nearly upon us. Appreciating your opportunities, yourself,

to make lasting change.    — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — I’d like 2010 to be better than this year. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve been feeling a bit sad these last few weeks (my work is going well though).   — Blue’s Not my Color


Dear Blue’s Not My Color,

I’m with you! 2010 should be better! Well, I wish I could promise you lollipops and rainbows, but “life is gonna do what it do.” It’s up to us to decide the past is done and no longer has power over you. It’s done. Now, plot your course for the future, make the navigation corrections and full speed ahead. Depression starts by drafting around past history, judgments and ideas. What has happened is done. The only hold it still has over you is the power you give it to define your present and future. Decide to make a fresh start. Accept what has been. Recognize the past is over and decide to live a new life. Now.

2009 was a seriously trying year. Stress was the name of the game. We are at the start of a major evolutionary shift in our culture—and it’s definitely been a bumpy ride. But now that we know uncertainty is the name of the game, it’s up to us to decide the surf the waves as best we can.

The time has come to decide how you will live your life going forward. Will you be happy? Decide to make it so. Not in some throw away New Year’s resolution kind of way, but in a deep, meaningful, “I’m changing my life” way. Decide. Start by adding serotonin-producing foods to your diet. It will help lift some of the blues.

Then start a meditation practice. Make a habit of taking some time every day to picture yourself living the life you want to live. What are you imagining? Making more friends? Feeling secure and happy? Learning new skills (cooking, yoga, whatever)? The more you allow yourself the space to imagine your ideal life, the more information you have about what is missing now. My suggestion? Add it. Take the class. Call some friends for a night out.  Choose to do what you will do, cause life is gonna do what it do.

The mantra for 2010: “I choose, so all I have to do is decide. I decide to be happy.”

Good Luck,



Dear Non-Smurf,

I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t want 2010 to be a fresh start. When better to look forward than an entirely new and clean decade? The shift into the third millennium was a bumpy ride all right, Bette Davis — and 2009 just seems to have been an appropriate capper for it all. From the tech bubble burst, 9-11, the global financial crisis, housing bubble, to global warming events/signs escalation…whoa!, that’s a whole lotta prompts for us all as individuals to make meaningful changes for more evolved living.

I’ve been on a lifelong quest of self-improvement, inspiration and spiritual expansion.  To my mind, work and personal lives are intertwined more these days than ever before. These suggestions might help you improve both:

• get to know yourself a little better every day. Journaling, participating in common interests groups for feedback and exchange, get some coaching, these types of activities help you get a more objective look at yourself and, anywhere from immediately to over decades, can help you make better, more personal value-based decisions, then…

• don’t make resolutions you won’t likely keep. In this area, pick just one habit or quality you’d like to improve about yourself and make a yearlong plan/goal, then scale it back to monthly To Do items/activities to support it. Make the daily changes small but do-able– especially at first, then challenge yourself as you go – you will actually change your habit(s) in three (3) weeks. Repeat, rehash, again, one more time! This will also help you…

be kinder and gentler with yourself NOW!!! (haha), the kinder you act, the kinder you will become. This is an extremely under-recognized affliction and, I believe, partially explains how carelessly we treat each other and mindlessly we occupy each day….which could be how we got to this place…

That’s “it.” Know, improve and be kinder to yourself. Empathy for others through self-love.  We are all connected, so when we value and treat ourselves and each other with more care, we can become the change we can believe in.

Gratitude, hope and consciousness,



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