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Freedom Cry: The RE-Abolitionist Movement

If you know nothing else about your GoodWitch/ BadWitch, you know that I’m all about personal FREEDOM for all. I coach it for personal and business living, I try my best to maintain it in every sphere of my life. But the fact is…

We are NOT all free! So all the more, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While some people make it a tradition to jump on a Freedom Train to celebrate, this also made it the perfect day to bring to light a topic I have known about only on its periphery for the past five years in every state in America (and around the world): Human Slavery Trafficking. While most of us associate it with sexual slavery trade, the numbers show that only accounts for about 20% of the slavery occurring, oftentimes, right under our very noses. Domestic slavery still exists! It’s 2012, our culture is not used to seeing or thinking about slavery as a current practice. 

Dr. David Bastone, PhD, professor at USF, took a year sabbatical to travel and research this modern day event, and figure out ways people can come to action. He calls it the Re-Abolitionist Movement. His site NotForSaleCampaign.org is chockful of eye-popping info, and actionable options. The social site SlaveryMap.org notes real sightings and case notations of documented slavery cases possibly in your neighborhood and all across these free United States.

No one is free until we all are.  —Simone


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