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To Give or Not to Give. What’s the question?

charitable givingMost of us know it feels good to give a little something to someone else, or something back, or that it’s better than to receive. Could it be that some of us have fallen out of touch  — if we ever were in —  with giving of ourselves? The options are unlimited to giving…just don’t give up.    — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GW/BW – I’m job-safe, as far as anyone can know these things. But I’m nervous to donate my usual annual amounts to my favorite charities. What to do? — Starts at Home


Dear Homie,

Props for giving and making others a priority in your mind, especially during these transitional times. That sort of thinking acknowledges that we’re all in this together, and as I like to say, it’s important to hold up your particular pole of our Big Top however you can best. All freely given help is appreciated (cash-strapped charities included).

So that’s all I’ve got to say on the topic, can you believe it? Give whatever you can. Freely do so; I am not a believer in feeling obligated, but being responsible to one’s duty is another thing. And sometimes your time is as valuable (if not more so!) than writing a check. This is not just a pat on the back of volunteerism as much of responsibility to free thinking and free will of same: is there a friend, neighbor or family member who could use your help? Thinking outside the box might save the first step need for social services for an individual you already know (and might even love). Think about it, Starts at Home.

I saw this article Gift Giving from the Heart.

And now that it’s nearly Father’s Day, here’s an idea giving list you can take from Mother’s Day.

More giving ideas: blood, sweat & tears,



Dears Starts at Home,

I guess the first question for me is are you living within your means? If your job is safe, then perhaps this question comes from a need to “live on less.” Many of us are regrouping and recalculating our “usual” spending practices which included carrying credit card debt. If this was the case for you, then, a change in your charitable donations is probably in line with a change in your general spending habits.

If this is not the case and you have your emergency savings and spend less than you take home each week, then I wonder at this question. These days especially, your charities need you more than ever. Food banks are challenged by the increase in demand. Shelters, clothing drives and others serving those on the poverty line are finding more people in need of their services.

In these times, the world is changing around us very, very fast. We, the people, cast our vote for the changes we want to see through every dollar we spend, whether it be through charitable donations or the food and clothing you buy for you and your family. If you have the funds to support your charities in this economy without putting your own financial welfare at risk, do it. Your dollars are sending a message of hope and help to your organizations to support the changes you want to see in the world. None of us can turn the wheel alone. We need each other.

Our donations may help local firefighters and police facing emasculated budgets. Our dollars can save a portion of the rainforest or an endangered species. Our charitable donations can push for humane treatment and democracy. We can save civil rights and starving children. With every dollar, we have a say in what kind of world we want to live in.

I give because it helps others and in a karmic way it helps me too. And not just in a spiritually idealistic way— my planet remaining habitable helps me. My neighbors having access to food when their cupboards are bear, probably reduces crime. The list goes on and on. Give to help others and to help yourself in the long run. Now is when we all need it most. So again, if you can—DO. The world needs your vote.

Thanks from Your World Family,



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