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Joy! (BW)

Joy is a thing, much like “true love,” that is often erroneously co-opted and contorted by our culture to be something airy fairy and/or unattainable to mere mortals. Good news!, it’s just the opposite. Joy is fundamental, much like love, in that is an intrinsic characteristic that is like a muscle — use it or lose it, walk your talk or siddown! It’s already there within for you to tap into often, or ignore and even deny…and atrophy.

Not only is Joy important, a thing of gravitas, and…fun!…it is an extension of ourselves like the state of our wellness/fitness/health. Body, mind, spirit.

Raise your Joy quotient by noting how you think, speak and (re-)act to things on a daily basis. Instead of, “Of course that parking spot just got taken. I always lose out to other people.” Choose to think more along the lines of, “OK, let me drive a little more and see if I discover anything new. Maybe there’s something I’m supposed to see or do (e.g., walk more) if she got that to that space first. Adventure is opportunity. I just have to keep reminding myself that some opportunities seem inconvenient in the moment.” Then FEEL Joyous while opening your eyes to see spaces of opportunity opening up wherever they will. Practice. Practice. Practice.

How could you have felt more joyous this morning? How can you benefit from tapping into your own innate Joy — that emanates from within you, and is not contingent on external events and other people?   — BadWitch


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