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Inspiration: What Inspires You? What Do You Inspire? (BW)

My tiny ultra-feminine, independent kick-your-ass mother was my biggest and ongoing inspiration growing up. In fact, as a teenage girl I knew if I could only be half the woman she is/was so I’d know I’d be all right — that’s saying something! Later, I came to be inspired by people who exhibited similar strength of character as she (still) does. It inspires, informs and re-invigorates my focus and determination when I need it, and I refuel myself from such moving, affecting folks. I personally believe we spiritual beings came here to learn the harder, denser lessons that require bodies to do so. This kind of inspired used of corporal energy is inspiration of the spirit itself to me.

I try to and hope I inspire the excellence of laughter and self-empowerment in others. A while ago, an ex-peer I respected very much explained, “I’m lazy, you just inspire me to be better,” and it was in that moment I realized the power of example. I quest to lead my self, and to inspire others to do the same for themselves. But it ain’t all brain surgery, the fun is a major part of what inspires me.

Who or what inspires you? What do you inspire in others? — BadWitch


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