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“You Already Know You’re Good Enough & Doggone It…”

…that’s “People Like You” in case your bedtime conflicted with the SNL show, or you didn’t have a TV in the early ’90s to be inspired by iconic Stuart Smiley.

Missing from this headline is “Smart Enough”—and most leaders definitely know or at least think they are that. GWBW wants to inspire more to lead by becoming brighter than smarter—that’s by leading with authentic power. And the fact is whether you’re a corporate leader by title, default, wannabe—or leader of your home—true Leaders are expansion- and growth-oriented people.

Authentic power? Let’s courageously push forward with our quest for authentic empowerment in the home, school and workplace to be the brighter leaders we are all meant to get back to. The ease and grace of leading effortlessly with joy and true vision, is born in us all. This blog will explore ways to return to that natural state of effortlessness—the way to living and leading with true meaning.

Because, doggone it!, this modern world needs us all to reconnect and align with our truest selves.


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