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Pressure Valve: Eat Pray Love Increments Needed to Escape (GW)

Don’t wait till you are freaking out on the bathroom floor to renovate your life. And don’t think you need to mortgage the house, leave your job and travel the world to find yourself. You are actually available to you sooner, closer and in this present moment.

When your voice rises too often or tears threaten to fall too often, it’s time for a time out. Call the babysitter. Tell your friends, family, husband/wife, and kids, that it’s time for a break so they can all have the happier, better version of you that’s available when you take out the time to take care of you. Then call the spa and schedule your massage. If that seems to pricey, try a mani-pedi. Just get out and let someone else take care of you for a change.

Whether it’s a hot tub or just take a bath. Take yourself to dinner at an incredible restaurant with a friend or lover and linger over the meal and wine for hours, savoring. Decide to find the incredible journey in your present steps. Create amazing moments in your every day life.

Eat. Love. Pray. And Live. Now. — GoodWitch


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CBS Money Watch Picks Up StillSitting & St. Bernard Project Partnership Story







NEW ORLEANS, LA – We are proud to announce our online de-stress program StillSitting(.net) has partnered with the New Orleans-area, Presidentially recognized non-profit St. Bernard Project to help rebuild its thousands of community members and their mental health.  StillSitting offers an accessible and private alternative to cope, heal, and re-set for in-need residents who can’t recover from one disaster before the next storm, hurricane, oil spill, housing challenge hits them. Add employment, and (mental and physical) health services cuts to the mix and you have a perfect storm for depression, PTSD, bi-polarism, and other more “mundane” chronic stress disease issues (including heart disorders, obesity and diabetes) to set in and take root in this hard-hit community. This is against a cultural backdrop in which mental health disease, its issues and even seeking help remain closeted or taboo topics. Traditional support like family and friends, and churches are waning and many have closed.

The  in-house Mental Health & Welllness Program of the award-winning St. Bernard Project promotes clinically-proven de-stress tools that are complementary to those within StillSitting — but they simply can’t get help to the multitudes of people who need it by themselves. StillSitting offers online accessibility and a privately self-paced channel of assistance and support. We are committed to our work to help the clients of St. Bernard Project rebuild…mental and physical health and wellness.   — BadWitch

Images: (boy) Caroyln Cole. // St. Bernard Project Development Director & Co-founder Liz McCartney, CNN.

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