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Royal Witches: One Did It One’s Way

I say, jolly good party at ole Buckingham Palace last night (thanks for the invies, Wills & Kate)! …Alas, I’m afraid that party blur left me looking for the keys to the pumpkin this afternoon, as your lovely witches were sporting royal tea bags on their eyes earlier on this fine commoner Friday.

Actually, we’re working dang hard to integrate all our recent fabu personal and professional changes, including actively putting together a custom de-stress program for medically-based clients. Be back soon to fire up our blog machine in earnest…and a lot more. Now, pardon me while I move the pumpkin, it’s street cleaning today. Thanks for your support and, ta ta for now! — Simone

“I pretend I’m one of the royal family when I’m in a hotel and that the hotel belongs to me – it is a palace.” ~ Martin Short

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Be Happy and Then Hire Coaches

Perfect is an admirable verb, usually an unrealistic adjective. “Happiness” is a way of being, not a destination. Hiring the right coach for the right challenge can help your perfect your own way.  — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — You guys are coaches. Should I hire one if I only need help with one area of my life? Everything is “perfect” and I’m otherwise happy.Possible Grasshopper


Dear Possible Grasshopper,

Despite that we write this advice column (for our own fun as much) as an extension of our coaching business, coaching is about a guide, a sherpa who can help lead  you to find your own next best level and answers. If everything is perfect, then what the heck is there left to learn, Kwai Chang, master of all? You’re feeling you’ve snatched that pebble from life’s hand so successfully (then I’m sure you’ve also divined I’m being facetious)?? You mention “one area of (your) life” that could use assistance, and that in itself, Grasshopper, is life itself. Concentric circles, the parts reflections of the whole, it’s all there in the learning. Hiring a life coach isn’t about crossing a finish line as a sports coach might be, but about clarifying and moving toward your goals and upping your performance and confidence towards betterment. Hire a coach, don’t hire a coach — we could all potentially benefit from objectivity and inspiration some time! There is no “perfect” in “happy” only more work if you’re so lucky as to get such opportunities. Review your progress in your challenging area, and then hiring the right coach can help you make more of it than you have alone.

Here are some reasons to hire a coach that I liked.

Journey is a band, not a destination,



Dear Possible Grasshopper,

If you’ve got everything going well in your life except one area, than do what you can to make that area work perfectly too. Come on, don’t you deserve to be completely happy? Why leave one area to chance when chance hasn’t shown you the right path yet?

Coaches help you find your own answers. Sometimes having a compassionate, objective observer in your life is just the thing to help you get your own mind straight on the best next steps. Don’t wait to be happy and don’t leave it to chance. If you have the resources, use them for your own benefit. Everyone in your life, most especially you, will be happier for it.

Also, one area of your life will affect all areas. Everything is connected. Think of it like an Integrative Medicine view—look at the whole. If any of the parts are less than they should be the whole suffers. Bring all the parts into healthy working harmony and you have a healthy, highly functional system. Isn’t that what you want for your life.

After all, you deserve to be happy in all areas of your life. Coaches can give you more tools to help you make that happen.

Good luck,



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