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Bored Games: There’s an App for That, Baby!

Had your fill of daytime TV and gaming? Read every rag in the house back-to-front and back again and…still yearn for more entertainment? Making a break from your own boredom.  — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — I broke my leg really bad. …and now the cast will have to stay on another 3-4 weeks… I’m so bored not being able to leave the house much, or have a lot of trouble when I do, and my housemate doesn’t come home til 7 or 8 and I think I might be driving her crazy entertaining me.. …do you have any suggestions? — Bored Castmate


Dear Bored Castmate,

You’re right. Your roomie is not Julie, your Love Boat Social Director. Your relationship will benefit (and likely thrive) from you not expecting her to take care of your boredom. No need to break another thing in that house.

Look at this “break” as a metaphor for a much-needed break in your routine of automatic sameness. You will likely benefit to stop trying to be “entertained” perpetually and instead look to see what “work” you need to do for yourself. It may start by taking the mundane and meditative route of basic housecleaning. In that mindlessness, you might stir up some real dust and uncover a long-forgotten dream or passion. Entertain your own dang self, Bored Castmate. Start working on identifying your truest desires, towards fulfilling them — now that’s entertainment! Get to work on truly coming Home, Tom Hanks.




Dear Bored Castmate,

Another 3-4 weeks! It’s not a death sentence. I completely understand your disappointment, however, seems more important to let you leg heal properly than worry about being shuttled around.

To start, you’ve got a broken leg, you’re not a shut-in. Yes, hiking, marathon running are all out right now. But movies are totally doable, as are restaurant lunch and dinners. Even a trip to a friend’s house or having friends over can make a difference. If you feel like a shut-in, it’s because you are acting like one.

Sure, maybe you can’t drive with that leg. Call a cab or ask friends to give you rides and sweep across the backseat. Who cares? It’s the room you need. Go slow in and out with your crutches and ask to be dropped off right in front. You can make it. Probably no harder than figuring out how to walk across a newly waxed floor in your first pair of stilettos. Take a deep breath, buck up your courage and decide it’s time to live your life—whether hampered by a broken leg or not.

I remember when my sister broke her knee and required surgery and to hang around with an ankle to hip brace for an entire summer. You know, she couldn’t drive. We lived in the ‘burbs of the Bronx and all of life happened in Manhattan. You know, I don’t remember how she got around, but I do remember that being one of the most fun summers of our lives. Sure, we stayed home more, but we had friends and family visit from out of town. We went to dinner. We went to the movies. We lived.

How do you do it? Decide to be happy now. Then do what you need to do to make it happen.

Happy travels,



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