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Saving Private Energy

We all do it. Continued to use an inefficient appliance, leaned on a leaky relationship, an old habit waay past its prime. Updating your life with energy stars.  — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — This might sound funny but I really mean this and need help. My antique fridge finally blew up and I was forced to cough up money for a new one, so I have had money and energy savings on my mind for the last two weeks. Any ideas on how to save energy and money in life? I’m really tired lately from work, so I guess I’m more interested in the energy part of my question. — Low-e


Dear Low-e,

I can only offer the BadWitch classic: balance. Some people laugh, I’ve even read articles that suggest that “balance in life” is a myth. Myth!, only to those who haven’t seen this Big Foot unicorn firsthand.  Balance may be challenging to strive for but not impossible to achieve (and maintain is the 601 course level).

How do we come to balance between work and home, between love and personal identity? By our priorities. Those are the things we consciously think about, assign value to and fund with deliberate action. “Having it all” is the myth. Having to do it all is a very different thing, flickering Low-e. Recognize what you value, know that you can’t be godlike everywhere at once equally effectively, and employ your priorities to your best balanced, happy living. Reinvigorate your body-mind-spirit with your own deepest truths.

Unplugged priorities,



FROM THE IRONY DEPT.: GoodWitch is exhausted and tells you there was a 5-broom pile up on the 101 and she will be back for Monday’s question.


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