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Word! Deleting Slut & Ho from Our Vocabulary (GW)

Why are women calling women “bitch,” “whore” or if you’re from New Jersey, “whoo-ah?” Do you not realize that how you choose to see others is a reflection of how you see yourself. Critical, judgmental people tend to be very critical and judgmental of themselves. And guess what, the people who are loving and think the best of others, usually think the best of themselves. So what does it say that we choose to call a woman a slut because she is unashamed of her sexuality? Who are you to judge who she dates or how she dates. It is her life and her relationships.

But no, we throw these hateful, cutting terms at women hoping to cut their self-esteem. Hoping to inflict wounds so great that they question how they create relationships, how they live their lives. It’s fucked up, people. But most especially true when one woman does it to another. Beware the whiplash of karma when you know the level of pain you can inflict with your weapon and choose to do so willfully, without mercy and without remorse. — GoodWitch


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