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You’ve always had the power to return “home”…!

Guidance for Leaders & Calm Ass Goddesses. Struggling is so 20th century! Life doesn’t have to be so hard. Master then unleash the GoodWitch AND BadWitch in you. When you lead and walk through life calmly AND assertively,  people and the universe respond in kind.  It’s the physics of Law of Attraction (LoA).  I’ve got a few stories and perplexing life challenges from people just like you, and I’ll focus here on providing some guidance with a wink, and a coaching tip here and there while I’m at it.

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Related and guest bloggers welcomed! Blog comments welcomed!   Witoches!, send me your stories and/or brewing  questions about how to be a Leader and/or Calm AssGoddess and let’s show others how to transform modern life  with Law of Attraction to: coaching@stillsitting.net.


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