Walking it Off

When it rains it pours! Both your coaches are walking through numerous major shifts in our personal spheres. We’ll be off the blog grid for a while.  Catch up on our old posts, and thank you for your support. If you haven’t already, now’s the perfect time to RSS or Email Subscribe to GoodWitchBadWitch.com. While we’re securing our own oxygen masks first, remember…be real! Embrace your life’s paradoxes and live more fully.

Thanks for the love,



Juicy Relationship Coaching for Leaders.

What’s jamming your juice in life? What emotion is hardest for you?  Tell us what’s important to you, what you think about. How we can help you thrive—not just survive—modern life. Email us at: coaching@stillsitting.net.

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3 responses to “Walking it Off

  1. Thank you. We appreciate all our support system and friends. xo

  2. Good vibes beaming your way. J

  3. good luck, gals! I’m walking through some of my own…

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