“Everything is Connected” (BW)

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. That mouse under your hand, your annoying friend, the rock in the road, you. All energy. Quantum physics can quantify that everything is energy. The Big Picture (and you) is comprised of itself over and over: the larger whole repeated smaller and smaller in size to the sub-atomic level. This means YOU are an expression of the Universe.

Understanding that everything is energy is to recognize that matter (e.g., what we look like, an amazing car, the money in your wallet) is mostly illusion. At the subatomic level matter is full of the same empty spaces which like the spaces that are not empty, consists of energy in constant motion. The most striking level for me about connection is that as you think, so your reality goes. For better or worse. Energy connection is everywhere. Pattern as lesson, no such thing as coincidence as syncronicity. Acupuncturists and all manner of energy workers know, you can move and manipulate energy to heal (via the body’s energy channels known, Chinese medicine calls them meridians, chakras in Hindu practices) — this means there is a real expectation to reality connection, and intention as map foundation.

Everything is energy. Energy is the common stuff of the universe. Everything is connected. The fabric of the universe is connected, same energy.

Wouldn’t we all be better off to hold this in mind as we walk through the world? Wouldn’t we tend to more often treat others and things as we would want to be treated? When we treat others poorly, we are quite literally hurting ourselves. That Golden Rule makes practical as rational and spiritual sense, doesn’t it? — BadWitch


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