Trust (BW)

Last week seemed extra long and was definitely hard for me. A beloved parent received shockingly sudden serious news from the doctor. I’m pretty far down the road of senior parent care, so in the midst of all the business and chaos (but even to my own surprise), this time I found that I had earned the luxury of being philosophical. And I thought a lot about “Trust” (my thoughts about its partner “Surrender).

My general formula for Trust is that we all start out with 100% open trust in our psycho-emotional bank, then are debited the percentage of whatever happened to us in life by, say, age 5. If that sum is 50% or higher, we have a corresponding tendency to trust people and situations in life. If it’s 49% or below, we will commensurately see the world as a booby-trapped place fraught with ways to be hurt or worse, disappointed. Leave room for gradations of gray on both sides. Then from a strictly legal definition, a “Trust” means: A relationship created at the direction of an individual, in which one or more persons hold the individual’s property subject to certain duties to use and protect it for the benefit of others. And there you have it. It obviously behooves us to have the most Trust possible. To have Trust in life, is for one’s own benefit, and the benefit of those in her/his life.

This city girl grew up with the benefit of a high Trust quotient. I strive to share that wealth with anyone around me who will listen. I believe the killer of Trust is not hurt, but the kind of disappointment that turns into cynicism. I’m choosing to trust that, after the things that we can and are doing something about, the rest is exactly as it was always meant to be. I trust my Mother Knows Best for herself and that this path is strewn with petals of lessons up and down, which can be trampled angrily on or admired for their fragrance and color. I trust that (especially in being so alike) she will always be my greatest teacher no matter where either of us is on our journeys.

What’s your trust quotient? Even if it’s high, how do you raise it daily? I trust, if you’re a reader of this blog, you likely do.  — BadWitch


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