Surrender: How to Do It (BW)

Typically, “surrender” is one of those elevated life art forms that most (“normal”) people don’t even attempt to approach because they “already know” they don’t know how to. Surrender just feels like a far-off hazy concept and maybe even worse, of the guru on the mountaintop variety — scary or difficult for mere mortals to attain. Still, whether adorably or superstitiously, many of us put it on some future To Do list…just in case. But in our war culture, it’s the ideas about what surrendering mean that trip us up: 1) letting go of control is weak (self-delusional) or a failure (misnomer), 2) fear of the unknown (all of it is that; more delusion), and/or 3) being fatalistic or lacking faith (more ironic when paired with #1 as it often is).

Surrender is very different than giving up.

To give up, we give away our power, and just *sigh! * stop working, being present – check out. To surrender is about being even more present and alive, engaged with detachment, filled with hope and faith that what is and/or will be, is for our best interest, despite what the façade may appear like or to be. I’ve been called an Alpha more than once, and so certainly don’t have a pacifist personality, but more and more try to cultivate a conscientious objective character. My sweet spot: to be as speedy as ever and peacefully accepting and in flow about what I cannot control in life.  God laughs when we make plans! —BadWitch


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