Grudges: Do You Hold Them? (BW)

Of all things not to hold close to one’s heart most especially, a grudge would be in the top two. Sustained anger is the emotion that turns into resentment and bitterness. Negative emotions produce chaotic heart rhythms, which negatively impact the rest of the body’s systems. Studies show that for every five (5) minutes of anger you feel, your body’s immune system drops in effectiveness for 12 hours. Conversely, five minutes of happiness and love you feel does the same in the positive for your body and its systems.

Allowing yourself persistent feelings of resentment and grudges holds you in the past, eats away at you, and lessens your availability to better options and events in the present. Grudges make you less whole, and lesser than. Don’t bring your grudge’s bitterness and anger from the past that’s gone forever, into all your relationships today and tomorrow. Forgiveness is first a choice, and then a process of commitment. You must want to change and grow. When you do, then you can. Next, work on you(r) will.  BadWitch


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6 responses to “Grudges: Do You Hold Them? (BW)

  1. @diane – sorry your Comment needed moderation so I only now saw it. To your “How?” question, please see my 12:43P Comment. Its simplicity is deceptive, it really is about choice > commitment > practice of it. This also works the brain’s plasticity and retrains its wiring for more positive hormone flow (further affecting the body’s systems). Go, go, go…forward!

  2. 21 & counting… Universe willing! ` ;}

  3. I have a great blog post on peaceful conflict resolution. Most of our hurts are done in the heat of anger when things tend to break down to dysfunctional behavior. This because we are locked into winning the argument rather than peacefully resolving the conflict making the problem our enemy instead of our significant other. Sad to say that we have the highest divorce rate on the planet by a wide margin. It is because of our cowboy mentality and winning at all costs.

    Blessings on you and yours

  4. Thanks, John. It’s really true, isn’t it? Even for those of us for whom it’s unusual to hold actual grudges, the tougher personal lessons (annoyances as opportunities, as I see them) — especially the external situations that are not going away anytime soon — really present the challenge of STAYING PRESENT. In those moments I do a Ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian technique) which is SO SIMPLE (the practice is another thing) there’s no excuse not to practice it daily: Mentally say, “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” It’s even better if you can insert a proper name or situation in the sentence. — Love yourself, BW

  5. You are singing my song and preaching my gospel. Forgiveness frees you from allowing people to invade your mind and kill your joy.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  6. this is so true, but how does one really let go of grudges?

    i really liked the comparison of anger to the immune system. that is some powerful information.

    thank you,
    visit me at

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