Importance of Play. The Gravitas of Levity. (BW)

I get a lot of grief for seemingly laughing at everything in life. Meanwhile, I view myself as responsible and grounded — so I’m all about this theme! Children’s brains develop and learn via play — and as my studies as a manager and someone who’s had success at long-term relationships of all types show, levity is the highest octane fuel to keep an engine a high-performing one. That good news means we seem to never outgrow the learning blocks of play and levity. Play and levity are the important stuff of living with clearer eyes/vision and sharper listening ability, emotional un-encumbrance (a.k.a. staying present, or say ancient hippy secret: Be Here Now), the spiritual emancipation of ego-slaying. Why take yourself so seriously? Others don’t. Those who don’t value the gravitas of play and levity in life tend to fall into this trap. If you drop your own self-importance: Who’s left to hear the engrossing whining? Take the blame? Point more accusatory fingers at?

Quoting my Brit comic twin (life view, that is) Ricky Gervais: “Whot? Are you havin’ a laugh?” Yes, more please! — BadWitch


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One response to “Importance of Play. The Gravitas of Levity. (BW)

  1. I like this one. I’m a singer like the one I’m almost named after, and I feel lifted and childlike when I’m belting one out thanks for this post.

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