Self-Expansion Through Self-Expression (BW)

Self-expression comes easier if you feel you’re creative, grounded or just have a lot to, uh, say. Truth is the next step in that chain. Self-expansion is a proactive process and the culmination of body-mind-spirit integration. Growing in all areas of one’s life in an incorporated way (b-m-s harmony) is the very definition of spirituality to me. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience — self-expansion is a Must Have skill! The practice of self-expansion can happen in the smallest moments of life — we’ve all had them — but they need to be noticed for them to have maximum effect of expansion. Watch it! A piece of music or a blossoming flower can trigger the connected feeling of self-expansion if you’re not careful. Recently, a trip to the cool new Planetarium had the power of self-expansion for me when those stars and creation process itself unexpectedly threw me into a childlike wonderment, a mind-wow!, and actual tears of longing which I can only describe as the spiritual itch of seeking connection. Walking out stunned and buzzing with life around my edges, that very satisfying experience had me feeling bigger, more than when I walked in that room.

Self-expression is what we’re built for. It’s when we don’t express ourselves (creatively, the meditation of drudge work, emotionally, intellectually…any multitude of ways we all do it) that our bodies which are emotional instruments, speak out with dis-ease or pains in the fill-in-the-blank. When you next express yourself, notice whether/how you feel expanded by the experience. If not, keep vigilant look-out until something stirs you and you do. And then, seek again…  — BadWitch


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  1. Well said!

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