Is Your Intention Aligned Your Actions? (GW)

Your focus is where you spend your energy. If you are finding that you intend to do this or that, but in fact, are doing something else—guess what? You are not aligning your focus with your intention.

Decide what you want to focus on and then set your intention. Think of giving yourself a Blue Sky Goal. Then either create a visual representation of your intention (vision board) and meditate on your intended outcome.

Of course, the most importance step is action. Set easily reachable goals that can lead you to your overall goal. Do something small every day to reach your goal. Your intention can become your reality, if you are willing to align your action with your will. — GoodWitch


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2 responses to “Is Your Intention Aligned Your Actions? (GW)

  1. Setting an intention is a powerful focusing technique that seeds the manifestation of your desires. Intentional relaxation requires you to actively focus your attention inside your body and purposely relax. When you set an intention and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment amazing things occur.

  2. From FB:
    (Sophia) I knew it! I rather play than work.

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