Is Your Intention Aligned Your Actions? (BW)

Intentions are everything (as in “it’s all about the intention”), but when our intentions are not aligned with the rest of our lives, it’s because the intention is lacking or missing one’s purpose. Your intention has no real meaning to you at a deeper level. … Ok, so say now you’ve got meaning behind your intention, but life is also cyclical. The personal evolution tool that is our intention must then be reexamined and updated from time to time, to best match our overall life purpose for maximum effectiveness and alignment. Oprah’s ending her successful 25 year megashow to launch a network that can support others helping even more people, is a good example of her Intention supporting her Purpose and in alignment with what she is doing.

How do you even know when you are in alignment between intention and how you live? What have you done to correct this in the past, or currently?  — BadWitch


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