Direction: Finding One’s Way, Getting Lost (GW)

I know for certain that some people in my life have a sense of what direction to take to reach a destination, when I feel invariably lost. My sense of orientation in the world is tenuous at best, but does seem sharper as I have gotten more connected to my body.

I am learning to be fully present in my body in each moment. Not future-tripping, not unloading luggage from the pains of my past—just trying to show up in each moment of my life and not write it off, ignore it or be too highly minded to think it mattered. Every moment matters. It adds up to a life. Some moments are easy to be present for. Being present to a lover’s insistent hand is easy. Recognizing where you have come from in relations to where you are now and on the larger scale of where you are in relation to your desired destination—that’s tricky. Decide to focus on where you are now and the best steps you can take to live your truest, most alive you in that moment. Now, what do you lean into to reach your destination?  Look for signs and landmark moments. Jot down notes from the road that may be helpful for you and/or others on the journey. Then lean into it. Trust your intuition and your inclinations. Namaste — GoodWitch


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