Direction: Finding One’s Way, Getting Lost (BW)

Not long ago a very cool friend wrote a piece about her love of deliberately getting lost on her way home, so she could discover new paths and routes to keep her journey fresh. What a great metaphor and brain retraining sort of exercise, not to mention I had been doing something similar around that time by necessity; a major intersection reconstruction was happening westbound of my house. I knew firsthand what she was talking about. This simple exercise really helps wipe off the cobwebs, ping and excite the body and shake up its memory, as well as helping you stay open to new ways to do old familiar things. A skill more of us could use in our comfortable lives. By the way, after living in my neighborhood for over a decade, I discovered that the new “long work around” route is actually a shorter cut to and from my major west side destinations — who’da thunk?, as well as a convenient good-to-know! Mostly getting lost with the purpose of finding new ways “home” is a stretchy elastic-conditioning I’m applying to other aspects of my daily living.

What areas do you need to “get lost” in in your life? What’s your go-to internal GPS system day to day? What rut could you stand getting out of with some openness and curiosity?  — BadWitch


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