Gratitude: “Thank You Very Much” (GW)

For some reason this year, starting just before Halloween, we seemed to be on some mad rush to Christmas — the season of the “GIMME!!!” Yes, I understand the economy needs to see some serious spending from us and, yes, Mercury retrogrades starting Black Friday, so from an astrological stand point, major purchases should be avoided. However, skipping the appreciation for the Season of Thanks, says volumes more about our lack or appreciation for all we currently have.

Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on all that we are grateful for. Why is this important? Because it allows us to take a moment in the present to take stock of all we have created in our lives. It is a time of taking stock of what really works in our lives — a chance to focus on what is right. This builds optimism! This builds personal appreciation! Gratitude is a foundational building block to happiness.

So before you rush to look at your life to see what is missing so you can put it on your Christmas Wish List, take a moment to breathe. Be grateful for strong lungs that can take in and process air without strain or pain. Not everyone is so fortunate. Take a moment to reflect on those you have had the pleasure and good fortune to love and those who love you. Give good fortune for the eyes to read these simple words and the brain capacity to understand it. Give thanks because no matter the challenges in your life, you are alive and that means you have the blessing of another day to make a new start.

Namaste — GoodWitch


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One response to “Gratitude: “Thank You Very Much” (GW)

  1. So well said. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I had to share your words of wisdom with my facebook friends as my holiday message. There is so very much for each of us to be grateful for each and every day. We need people like you to remind us! Thank you.

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