Willingness vs. Obligation (GW)

The difference between a chore and a responsibility is a mindset. Are you giving away your energy with a side order of resentment? Have you chained yourself—through guilt or shame—to someone else’s to-do list? The act of completing the task (whatever the task) will be draining and somewhat demoralizing.

Flip the script. Do what you do because you allow it to benefit you. Perhaps you help a friend because you love seeing her that happy that someone else is taking time for her. Maybe you say yes to volunteering at school because you like having a better education for your children despite continued budget cuts.

No one likes to work around the clock. We all want breaks. We all want to feel needed and at other times we just need others to recognize our need to be left alone. Pull back gently if you need to take a break. A broken you is helping no one. Then jump back in, but give from love. I work because I love having a paycheck to pay the bills. I blog because I love to write. I allow my brain to register that the responsibility is not a burdensome chore. It is an opportunity.

Carpe diem — GoodWitch


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