Trapped! Horrible Job, No Hope

Life can be hard enough without feeling like you’re cornered with no options to a job you can’t stand. How to stop waiting for rescue and take charge.      — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — I’m underemployed. I hate my work but feel trapped. Bills and my laid off husband make me feel I have no alternatives again. When’s it my turn? Frustrated  End of Liner


Dear Frustrated End of Liner,

No doubt about it, these are weird at best, trying times at worst. Personally right now, I don’t know anyone who has or is not undergoing some sort of “trial” at whatever level his/her life (might) need it. I’m saying, I think these are learning times. Other times are doing times. Right now, our broken status quo is in need of a severe and meaningful make-over. Whether we are mostly happy (by nature) or not, the situations, people, circumstances that face each of us today seem, to me, to be laying the foundation of opportunity for some change(s) that are fundamentally different, and hugely paradigm shifting.

Now as for your question, Frustrated, go talk to your husband and make sure he knows in no uncertain terms that you feel trapped with no alternative today because your family (like all of us) has bills. Stuffing is for turkeys, and misdirected anger is passive-aggressive. Make sure you don’t use blaming (of him, timing, circumstances) language, and own your own (frustrated, and the dashed hope ones, too) feelings in this conversation . When you’ve finished expressing your feelings (not to be confused with  actual facts) clearly and non-judgmentally, give him his turn with no interruption. If your marriage is a partnership, I’m sure he is looking for new work and unhappy about this personal or familial situ, too — something in common. You’re in this together. You chose partnership. Let him be your partner in your frustration. Be his champion in his job search. Make individaual and team goals with deadlines for related tasks together. Show your kids what you want them to know “family” means in tough times and in the best times when it’s easy breezy and a no-brainer.

Move the chains,



Dear Frustrated End of the Liner,

Don’t give up hope! Today’s trials are preparing you for the next turn in the road. Face them with a determination to create a better life and the diligence to work hard for what you want. In the end, you may very well find yourself with opportunities for that better life.

I could write a whole lot more on the subject. After all, I spent three years under-employed, as a single mother, worrying how to make it all happen (rent, clothes, school supplies, and even gas in the car). But I kept trying. I kept looking for opportunities—taking any possible freelance gig that came my way and sending out resumes non-stop. Eventually, my world turned. All my hard work prepared me for a new full time job, a few freelance gigs on the side and, of course, my own business (StillSitting). Now, my task is to decide on priorities and turn away the gigs that do not move me further down my path.

Maybe I showed the Universe through my diligence and willingness that I was ready for the next stage of my life. After all, my diligence led me to the off-hand Facebook post which eventually led to the full time job I have now with the Owning Pink Center, doing what I love with like minded people.

Am I saying everything will work out, guaranteed? No. Am I saying stop worrying? No. I’m saying life will throw you curve balls on a regular basis and it is how you face those hard times that define you. Do your best and the opportunities will come because other people will see you trying. And people always want to help someone trying to help themselves.

Take a little break, plan your path and then jump back in. Your turn is coming.

MANTRA: As I work hard to create the future I want, I show the Universe that I am willing and ready. It is only a matter of time before I succeed.

Good luck and good work,



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93 responses to “Trapped! Horrible Job, No Hope

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  4. This article was extremely interesting.

  5. great blog , how are you doing now eeh?

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  8. incomepowerboost

    Goos answers both of you . I really don’t understand why people let themselves get to this point . There are ALWAYS other options to changing soothing as simple as where you get your income form. There is no reason people should have to be feeling like they are. As for “Bill” the fact that he is making th is person feel “I have no alternatives again’ is just wrong an destructive. There are many things that they could both be doing to change their lifestyle for the better . Unfortunately even by just reading that questions it appears to me that the writer need to look for more income options and bill needs to stop having a negative effect on t he writer and also start doing something that is more positive and productive to help them both out .

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  10. This post has resonated with my current feelings on the matter. Enjoyed reading this.

  11. hartstone insurance

    The BEST page I read this month 🙂

  12. The Onlive gamer

    I can’t explain how happy I am now that I am out of my hopeless Job. There is always that leap of faith one has to make to just do something about it. I finally took that leap and I am so glad I did. There are other opportunities out there. I found a lot that are what I like to call “under the table jobs”. There is work out there that is temporary as well. Yeah there is the lack of health insurance, but I’m really not worried about that. Something permanent will come along, but for now I am enjoying being out of the hopelessness which caused me so many health problems in the first place. I haven’t felt healthier since I was in my 20’s. So here is to all of you who are still stuck, there is a way out, and like NIKE says. Just do it!

  13. Great Post! Thanks for sharing the advice. I definitely believe they will become handy when the time comes.

  14. Believe me I can relate to being trapped, but the good news is that if you never stop working toward succeeding you will succeed. Sometimes we to often mistake the storm for an every day forecast. I myself can remember when my Autistic son was giving me the blues and I thought things would never get better, but they did.

    And guest what I’m stronger today because of my tribulations that I endured. We sometimes as men don’t like to show our emotions and this can sometimes weigh even heavier on us because of the macho man in us. I can say that just as a fever is an indication to let the body know that something is wrong. This can be true about troubles because sometimes they expose preexisting problems.

    I don’t know if this is true with you but my troubles exposed problems in my marriage. I wish you the best and good luck in your future endeavors.

  15. I definitely think you have some great advice here which can be very helpful to a lot of people right now.

  16. Love your writing style, Good witch / Bad witch! Very interesting. Times are tough right now for so many people, and especially with loved ones who depend on you. Good realistic advice 🙂

  17. Wow, I used that image of a person behind a screen for a song I did back in the early 90’s. Funny to see it still knocking around the interwebs.

  18. It’s the “no way out” syndrome that kills the spirit.

    Opportunities are there, but the “no way out” syndrome is part of the depression (mental and physical).

    If you know someone like this – lend a hand, help them out of the “grave” of a job, and let their spirit (within) make their next employer (and themselves) successful.

  19. Ha ha!!!
    I am very happy to hear that there are lot of guys around the world as like as me.

  20. Good post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I especially like the comment from the Bad Witch: “These are learning times. Other times are doing times.” When you’re struggling, be it work, home, health, or whatever, it’s helpful to remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes; the important part is learning from them and moving on.

    @Frustrated: I’d definitely recommend taking on a hobby, joining a local group that fits your interests, get out and meet people, find a safe place to vent your frustrations (that’s what my blog is for). It makes the rest of the day bearable. 🙂


  21. If you feel trapped in a job and you have no to choice but to stick with it, better find a stress-reliever or hobby to take your mind off the pressure. Blogging, perhaps? 🙂

    Visit my blog too! I’m kinda new here! 🙂

  22. Well said! Who doesn’t feel trapped right now! We all have to stay positive and keep on keeping on! Hard work pays off! If it was easy to be sucessful, than everybody would be.

    You don’t have to live with tax debt.

  23. I find the title of this article pithy– and, almost as much, its spoonerism which applies for me at current: ‘No Job Trapped: Horrible Hope ‘

  24. WOW! Nice to wake up to see such a cathartic and willingly supportive community evolve literally overnight. Let’s keep growing that productive reality by touch everything we touch with this energy/vibration — I’m a pragmatic business woman with strong relationships off all kinds in her life, and this is how the kind of company I want to work for looks like. Sharing what we want for ourselves is a very attuned actionable “verb.”

    For GWBW newbies, here’s my faves pick of a few of our oldie Freshly Pressed’s. Enjoy!’t-mix/’-the-art-of-the-daydream/

  25. Nice post and good advice. But Good Witch, why did you advise that Frustrated NOT stop worrying? Of course stop worrying, it’s unproductive and anxiety-provoking which ultimately affect the body and mind negatively. Nothing has ever been achieved, lost, gained, or learned from worrying. Now, strategizing for a better future… different thing altogether!

  26. Well thats really horrible. But one thing you can do is use the Law of attraction. Take action and find a new job. Do something you enjoy doing. What are your hobbies? I suggest reading a Book called Law of Attraction by ( Micheal J. Losier ) It will help gain a better perspective.

  27. Try trapped and without a job in the recession too! Anything for that? 🙂 Read my new blog about that:

  28. I love the way you are commenting on the issue at hand. Different people respond in different ways to advice given.

    HavingMeTime is right, opportunities are everywhere, it just takes some good old fashioned effort and determination to find the keys to open your own doors.


  29. Fantastic mantra for the day, great advice, great post 🙂 🙂

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  31. I am not sure how to respond to this post. It it very, distinctive

  32. self employment is the best work ever….be your own boss and directing your business using your special techniques without being interfered with an old fashion outdated ideas !!!

  33. The Bad Witch really gets it on this one. Those are some amazing and inspiring words!

  34. I just loved this post….made me smile coz that is exactly where I am at the moment….altho I am not married…..I am in a job to pay the bills and the load gets heavier every day. However, I am working towards a goal with my own business….ref the http, and that gives me the impetus to focus on my goal… travel the world in a campervan whilst blogging & tweeting and taking photos 🙂 Thanks for the link to OwningPink….am now following on twitter of course & connected via #fb.
    But back to your post…..i really enjoyed it, thank

  35. Well, I must admit to favoring the “Bad Witch” side in this post — funny, considering I keep claiming to not believe in The Secret, yet that darn Universe keeps reminding me who’s in control!

    Strange times to be sure…

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  36. Good mantra. It’ll work for me too. I think I’m stuck with my job too. Though I like teaching, but… I feel a little bit trapped this year. Well… I’ll find out whether I can “escape” from this trap 😉

  37. Oh, so nice to see your words flow…more or less like my alter ego advising me on my current personal situation.

    Nice post.

  38. People are being laid off lft and right. Unfortunately, finding another job isn’t really an answer because most companies only hire part-time to avoid giving benefits and the last person hired is the first person cut as soon as the budget starts to go south.

    My 38 year old company has continued to show a profit line going up and to the right. It has major third party endorsement. It’s a business opportunity, not a job – no lotions, potions or products involved. (This is not a get-rich-quick-you-don’t-have-to-do-anything internet scheme, either!) If you’re interested contact me. PT/FT. Serious inquiries only please. U.S. and Canada. Thanks

  39. Thanks, I pressed it and is on my site, yizzit? Good writing…relhurg

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  41. I totally agree with everyone’s dilemna. Trying to make ends meet is getting harder and the J.O.B.s (Just Over Broke) are overworking and underpaying the employees., that is if you have a job. I agree with Determined’s post above..” you could always try working from home and be your own boss. We need to learn to take control of our lives, not be controlled”
    That’s what I did and now I own my life!! I would be glad to point anyone in the right direction.. please feel free to contact me!

  42. If you like your job but make crap money, well, it’s a trade off. I love doing this coaching work and I love my work at the Owning Pink Center, but I keep freelance gigs on the side that supplement my monthly. It means you work alot, but it also means sometimes you can budget for bourbon in your coffee or a night out with friends.

    There are many incredible jobs that pay super low, cause the jobs are so cool they know they can. Look for ways to add to your responsibilities, move up the ladder or take on a second job for the same company with a separate pay rate. Get creative in your thinking. The one job with full insurance, pension and retirement that you work for 50 years, really isn’t there anymore. Be creative. Work your angles and opportunities—with integrity and optimism…and go for it.

    Good luck and abundant blessings to us all,

  43. I hear you. So much of my life was that hopeless, tight-budget way of living, but sometimes, you do what you have to do to get by! It makes you be a bit creative with your time…for example, a few friends over for drinks can actually be a lot more fun than going out to a bar and spending $5-$8 per beverage!

  44. What if you have a job you like but make crap money?

  45. Sometimes you have to take a step of faith and really pursue what you really want to do. I rather work at a place doing what I love to do, rather than work at a place where I hate. Even if the pay is less. However, in todays society, its really hard to come across that job you really love. Thats the reason why I started looking online to work from home. That is the best decision and made. Not only do I work where I want, but I also love what I do…

    The Zen Assassin… I agree with you… Knowing a few people really helps

  46. My wife cost me my career by, like Linda above, refusing to relocate anywhere. The day my position was eliminated I received an opportunity to stay with the company I loved in another city: my old hometown in another state. I would have JUMPED at it. But she said she would divorce me if I took it. So I wound up in a job I detest at a dysfunctional company for MUCH lower pay, growing increasingly bitter over her threat (we have two children I don’t want to leave) as we slowly fall further and further behind in debt. There are no opportunities to go back to my former employer here, and so far no better paying jobs for me.

    It’s situations like this that make many of us just a little less than optimistic. Pithy platitudes don’t improve anything.

  47. Great post, very inspiring. You seem to be a mover and a shaker. My husband hates hates hates his job and now wants to move to Utah! We aren’t movers. A change would have been fine years ago when the kids were but not now and not away from my grandson. This time he’s on is own.

  48. Wow, this hit home. Glad I’m not alone. I’m only 27 and I feel that I should be much further along in my career. I’ve been working hard at it for the past 5 years since graduating college. When I feel like that’s not working, I resolve to work harder and do. There’s only so long that you can run a marathon at a sprint’s pace however. That mantra will come in handy.

  49. I learned a lot about this topic from blog posts called “Why Talented People Quit” and “Quitting a Job: An Act of Poetry” by Steve DeMaio.

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  51. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed!

    I have tried several jobs waiting for the “right” one. I have now decided that I really want to be a college professor and now it’s about waiting for the right time to jump back in! No job is going to feel “right” but at least I have something to do to fill time.

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  53. It could be worse – you could have one of these jobs:

  54. She’s definitely not alone! I’m in the same place, totally unhappy w/ my job, but applying, networking, networking, and applying everyday!! Great post and advice.. nice job ladies!

  55. By the way, regarding you’re problem with your husband, be cautious on how you say that you need his help… show him first that you admire him, and tell him about your dreams and you’re goals, then ask his dreams… then there on, plan it on how both of you will be able to achieve it… then little by little, encourage him to help you and you helping him achieve his dreams.. this will entice him to look for a job and work… strategize and look on the soft spot on him… have a direct hit on what he really likes.

  56. It is really difficult having that kind of problem knowing that you are working along and you are only helping yourself and the family survive. We sometimes get this kind of feeling that we wanted to give up and rest for awhile, but the time that you rest, the problem is not solved, it keeps on and on…

    Its a matter of how we see things and how we do things, its the mind set that is humpering the mumentum… I know its difficult, but when you keep on thinking negative things, will it help you? will it motivate you? NO! change the way you think! its one step helping you solve one problem. Its not easy as you think.. It will take time.. want to slove it? start within you!

  57. Been there, done that! I just got out of an extremely negative and stressful work situation by going back to an old job. Lesser of two evils, I guess. A little less pay, but that’s okay, I’d rather have a little less money and all of my sanity.

    My advice? Think of your current job as TEMPORARY and look every day for a new job. And apply for anything that comes up that looks good. Encourage your husband to do the same. Be prepared to commute or (if you can) move.

    I don’t know what field you’re in or want to be in, but be realistic about goals and expectations. I’m in the non-profit field (so is my boyfriend), so I expect to be somewhat poor for the rest of my life, but I’ve accepted that and plan accordingly.

    I know it can be easy to get depressed and stressed out, but try to stay positive. Focus on the good things in your life and talk about and plan future goals with your husband. Once you have concrete goals, having a positive future to look forward to can making working toward those goals a little easier.

    I’ve also found that having savings can SIGNIFICANTLY lower stress levels, particularly about finances. Even if you just put $20 per paycheck away and save all your pocket change, in a year you could have $500-$1,000 in the bank. If you’ve got a couple month’s rent/mortgage saved, that can give you a lot of peace of mind.

    Okay, enough advice. Good luck and I hope your situation improves soon!

  58. I’m in the unemployment vote – I also can’t stand working from home! I need to get out of the house and be around people.. I just got turned down for my dream job and I am loosing hope of following my dreams – I feel like the powers that be are telling me to take my 50k Bachelors and go work at McDonalds.

    Good post, thou.

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  60. Colin Leslie Beadon

    What holds people back, is the way that they allow themselves to think. Three books to set you free( besides walks in the countryside full of nature, daily, if possible).
    1. Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill.
    2. Psycho-Cybernetics by Mawell Maltz
    3. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra.
    Read something from any one of these books, every night, before going to sleep. Read them and read them. Good luck. Colin

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  62. Will you hire me to do your typing and coffee making? Sometimes I mix in a little bourbon – it’ll be great. I’ll follow up in a couple days.

  63. Finding optimism in the middle of joblessness or underemployment may remind you of that old needle/haystack aphorism. But it is there. You woke up this morning and had the gumption to get started—again. Rejoice in the fact that you had the courage to start…again.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel. I keep hearing about folks unemployed for two plus years finally finding work and in a field that better suits them. If you are bitter, you will bring that bitterness to interviews. People will read it between the lines of your cover letters. Believe that what is happening now is just that, what is happening now. Know that you are building towards a brighter day and keep at it. Yes, persistence, persistence, persistence. It sucks, but every day your cover letter gets sharper. Why? Because you’ve written it enough times to perfect it. By your fifth, sixth, twentieth resume redo it really shows your strengths. And by the umpteenth interview you will wow them because you are practicing these skills relentlessly.

    Know that you are being prepared for something better. Know that you are being prepared for the next step. And know that you are not alone. Believe. Be optimistic. Hope and do the work. Your day will come.

    BTW, the way you guys are banding together in this online support group, you are lifting your spirits and the spirits of all who read this, get your wisdom and hear they are not alone, either. THANK YOU for sharing!

    And really, truly Good luck and blessings for an abundant near future!

  64. Think about looking Outside the box… I am a photographer that recently relocated due to my fiance accepting a job in a different state (which for a self-employed photographer means starting from SCRATCH) and in a bind and needing more income FAST, I explored the option of being a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and for me this was the perfect option! Extra income aside, it was great for my self confidence, self esteem and happiness as it allowed me to connect with amazing local women (whom I may not have met otherwise) AND to reconnect with the woman within (living with a man, it can be easy to lose track of her). – I think different things work for different people but joining MK was the breathe of fresh air (and fresh cash) I needed!

  65. Great post that many should take to heart. Sometimes it’s not the job. It’s seeing ourselves in a different way and taking that leap that allows us to reinvent ourselves. Not easy, but enormously rewarding.

  66. There are opportunities, but they often involve risks that it’s hard to take when you have a family to support. The workplace is changing, our country is changing and how we make and value things is changing. Many are stuck in some sort of rut wondering how we got here. Persistence will work, and the time it takes to actually find your place and your life’s work, will actually make you stronger on the one hand, and more appreciative of whatever new path you find.

  67. I love the motivational matra:As I work hard to create the future I want, I show the Universe that I am willing and ready. It is only a matter of time before I succeed.

  68. I am employed at this time, I have looked and looked for a job. At one store I went to I was told that they would call. About two weeks later I walk into that same store and saw a new kid working.
    I talked to the manager about this, and was told that she didn’t believe that I would like the job, and would leave as soon as something else came along.

  69. I spent 20 years in the wrong (accounting) career because I didn’t understand myself. By the time I gained the realization that I was a misfit, I was stuck because all my resume said was “ACCOUNTANT”. In addition to the witches advice, seek out some quality personality assessment tool so that you can gain insight into what it is YOU need to be fulfilled and happy. I know of some great employers that use personality assessments to align their employees personalities, preferences and styles with their career choices.

    I believe that modern workplaces are going to have to change drastically to keep employees happy and productive. We all expect more and we know there must be more to life than this! The question is – when are the old school management going to get out of the way so that things can change?

  70. Great advice. Marriage is a partnership and we did say for better or for worse. Weathering worse with a willing partner is so much better than alone. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

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  72. You can always make a little extra cash from the comfort of your home. Be your own BOSS:)


  73. Our company just announced more budget cuts, layoffs, etc. What is the cherry on the cake of my day? No raises this year (same story as last year.) Sooo…the sarcasm and bitterness continue. Please add me to the underemployed bandwagon.

    Thanks for listening, cyber people! 🙂

  74. Great post and relevant for so many of us today. I do agree that a person’s attitude towards life situations like being underemployed (or unemployed for that matter) does affect future opportunities. I ran into a woman at the grocery store this weekend who used to be a Real Estate agent for a builder of high-end homes. After a year of being unemployed, she finally got a job…as a bagger. She mentioned feeling as if she took 50 steps back. I commented to her that since she is in retail, she will meet and run into a lot of people from the community. There may be opportunities that present itself simply being “at the right place, at the right time.” Easier said than done nonetheless but as many others have commented, persistance does pay off. Congrats on Freshly Pressed! LB

  75. I worked as a cashier in a bank , doing the same all over again and agian
    for twelve years. Then I quarelled with the union bosses, twisted their
    arms and made my self into a clerk. ( you pick up more job-knowledge
    that way). Again after having 30 years of service my employer State Bank of
    India ( a grand daddy of a bank a relic from the 19th century) made a key-
    -holder or a custodian of cash . Meanwhile I learnt and passed exams which
    qualify me to sell insurance and mutual funds. Big deal ya!. One way to survive if you are theistic is say to onself on the way to office dayily
    “Thank gold I have a 30grand job. Slowly your attitude will change and
    you will find the working-day slighly more pleasant.In fact much more
    pleasant. Just repeat to yourself on the bus to office–“Thank u god for
    giving me a 15k job/or 10 kjob (or whatever it is u are earning. )”
    You need not be even a theistic for this to work. U are just giving a
    suggestion to your sub-conscious and it will work. As Budha said and did,
    “Change the nature of your consciousness, and life will be better”
    Jose Francis, North Parur India

  76. Self empployed is the way to go… Be your owe boss and the only person to be upset with you is your self. LOL

  77. Add me to the long list of the under-employed. I’m working towards becoming self employed, but being under-employed means I don’t make enough to make a “nest egg” for myself.

    It’s a slowww process but it’ll be worth it in the end!

    – Lindsay

  78. Oh, you have NO idea how much this rings true right now. I’m currently feeling trapped in a horrible job right now, and am also in the process of getting out. But the process – like so many – is slow-going and waiting for phone calls and interviews and hoping to impress is tough! Fingers crossed…there may be a light at the end of my tunnel…

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  80. Oh wow. I feel like I am staring at a mirror. Non obnoxious mirror if that makes sense. I just logged into wordpress to rant about my job and situation… and voila, I find this on the home page. I am not alone!!!!

  81. In this economy it’s better to have a horrible job than to be without one. With that being said you could always try working from home and be your own boss. We need to learn to take control of our lives, not be controled.

  82. I share the problem of being underemployed (because I emigrated to another country and my previous qualification as a lawyer is not recognised here) and I think it is important that you don’t define yourself through your job.
    You are a person beyond your job or your office, you are much more than what your current employment contract states. That relates to your personality, to your dreams and aspirations, and also to your pursuits of further education.

  83. You guys rock. I just love that we all KNOW we are in this together. I certainly wanted Frustrated to understand that she is NOT alone. I truly believe that these are the times that we are meant to learn through RE-EVALUATION and truly (and/or finally, for some of us) get in touch with what it is that is real and true about our individual existences. These sort of seemingly esoteric or navel-gazing activities have been put off as long as they could be — all look how that served our culture. Work it, peeps.

    xoxo – BadWitch

  84. I agree with the Zen Assassin. Peristence is key…although I sometimes grow really frickin’ tired of being persistent. And yes, knowing people (and/or kissing their asses!) always helps — if you’re into that kind of thing.

    Bitter and sarcastic on this Monday morning.

  85. Good advice! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel! And, from personal experience I truly believe that by using open lines of communication and persitence – things will turn up! Keep at it!

  86. This made me giggle. Thanks for a little bit of sunshine.

    Totally true though, but we also need to draw strength from somewhere to keep persevering. It’s great how things come through in the end. Someone once said ‘It’ll be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end’.

  87. There are always two side to everything. I love that your blog seems to represent that. And the question you responded to this week is very relevant. I know it’s like to hate your job but have no where to go. Opportunity sometimes demands that you step outside of the box to get where you want to be.

  88. How do you inspire someone who doesn’t want to listen to others, who can’t possibly be happy no matter what the circumstances? Who sees the world for what it is right now, and is so frightened by it, they have extreme anger issues and cuss up a storm.

  89. Thank you for this post- very inspirational- there have been times in my life when I have been “stuck” in a job, but too afraid to do anything about it.

  90. In the same situation. Applying everywhere and anywhere with incredible advancement opportunities and networking whenever i can. its hard but can’t give up hope!

  91. Persistence, persistence, persistence. (Plus knowing a few people helps) 😉

  92. Totally agree with you!! There are opportunities everywhere you just have to look for them 🙂

  93. I like your post.

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