Career Change? Dreaming of Vision

Is there life after achieving the perfect job? When your Big Dream is in need of some clarity.      — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — Ten years ago I landed my dream job and I’m still amazing at it. My problem is I am completely bored with nowhere to go. I don’t want partnership. Should I quit and go “find myself”? I’m 46.I Dream of Meaning


Dear I Dream of Meaning,

Darlin’, hands down, one of the biggest mistakes we tend to make in this country is confusing “climbing” (or promotion) with “success.” Check Webster’s. Get clear. Get over it. Congratulations!, as I see it you’re truly wealthy because you have two issues here: 1) If you’re genuinely brilliant at something, that is a gift. Either embrace that sucker and thank your lucky stars and goddesses then find (go to “C” in that Webster’s and (re-)define “creative” for yourself) a NEW! and Improved! Way(s) to express your brilliance within this skill set; and/or 2) recognize that you are probably in reassessment mode, and this midlife point doesn’t need to be a “crisis” unless you squash and repress it, or buy into your own “boredom” and self-vampirically drain your energy which is highly unattractive and actually boring (for the rest of us to watch). Don’t divert or sublimate. Know what you really need and then serve yourself pronto and consistently.

Life is cyclical. Can’t you see yourself refreshing your work brilliance with new infusions of Ways to Do Things (I just finally! Taught myself how to tie my shoelaces right-handed, making for a prettier and actually more comfortable to wear bow. Expand on my meaning for your situ, muffin) and simultaneously making lists about what no longer serves you right next to what is still fabulous and soul-feeding about your job? Then take those columns and apply them to the next logical step for this age-stage of your adventure! It ain’t over yet.

Go forth, explorer,



Dear I Dream of Meaning,

I am all for expanding and finding yourself; however, throwing the baby out with the bath water is no way to move forward effectively. Quitting the job you loved may be an alternative, but give yourself the room to explore before giving up your contacts, paycheck and livelihood.

You have been lucky enough to find your dream job, be amazing at it and enjoy it for ten years. Now, it is time to explore what else excites you. Branch out and rediscover your sense of excitement. Is there some hobby you’ve been interested in taking up? Is there some other work that correlates with your current position that seems interesting to you? Chances are the path you are seeking has left some hints in the things that already interest you.

Finding your new path does not mean trashing the old. For instance, I have recently made a career switch from more than 15 years of marketing which led all the way to the Director of Marketing position. But all the time, I had been following a tickle that led me into the world of alternative and complementary medicine. Over the years, my interest led to certifications, deep research and practice. Eventually, I would walk into the world of wellness, but not without relying on the tools I had refined through my years of marketing.

In other words, follow your tickle, while you continue to analyze what you still love about your current career. You may find yourself in some unlikely exploits, but it will be worth the journey. And when you are ready to leave your current position, you’ll know. It won’t feel like a jump, but the next logical step.

Enjoy the journey,



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6 responses to “Career Change? Dreaming of Vision

  1. Elyse – Great ideas! I couldn’t agree with you more about regret. The only real failure is never trying, so platitudes aside, it’s just true that you must get out there and work at PLAYING in life. ;]] – BadWitch

  2. Regret is a horrible monster that teases relentlessly.

    Giving up a job that you’ve been in for years and actually enjoy is going to come back and bite you. I love GWBW’s advice to branch out by finding new hobbies as a way of introducing something new into your life rather then a complete upheaval.

    Why not take a class? Learn a new language? Take a trip? Some many things you can do rather then quit a job only to risk the possibility of finding another job you hate.

  3. Liza – I never received this comment’s email alert, so sorry. Thank you! We’re happy to be back after a very eventful summer of major changes. Happy to be among friends. – BadWitch

  4. Ah…it’s good to be back on my broom…and appreciated. Thank you!

  5. Welcome back! I missed you.

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