Hard Worker, Tired! “I want to quit…”

Where do Masters of the Universe go to vacay? Can chillaxing, dropping out for a while, be productive?    — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — I want to quit my job and go live on the beach somewhere. What is wrong with me?! I’m usually this super achiever. I’m 36.   — Miller Time


Dear Miller Time,

Silly Wabbit! You’re more concerned about your identity and how you and others view that than anything — because pretty much no one who’s ever worked a real J-O-B  worries about wanting to chill out. Here’s my mind at work, images automatically generated by your question: the Wheel of Life, that morphed into Charleton Heston as slave being whipped while turning that big stone wheel, that morphed into a Corona beer commercial.

And that’s it, isn’t it? On the wheel of life, sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. When we get burned out or just had enough of the grind, we just want to give it all up and go lie on a beach with a beer. I gotcha. It ain’t brain surgery.

Don’t worry about being less go-getting for a period of time. This is you regrouping and probably long overdue for battery recharging. For good credit ratings sake, put a deadline on your R&R, then bring your usual super achiever to that task and enjoy the heck out of your down time, then see what comes up (or out of) for you. 36 is a typical age to start midlife reassessment — if you honor your instincts on this, you can avoid it turning into a worn out stereotypical “crisis.”




Dear Miller Time,

It sounds like you need a retreat. Maybe you are ready for a full life overhaul or maybe your “super-achiever” just needs a time out. Before you throw in the towel, try some of the following replenishing exercises to recharge.

1. Take a hot bath with bath salts—either Epsom or Seas Salt. Mix in a few drops of essential oils. For stress add: lavender, palmarosa and/or chamomile. For nurturing self love: rose, rose geranium and/or spikenard. Find the combination that makes you want to breathe deeply again and again. Now, soak.

2. Go for a long walk in nature. A walk in the woods can refresh and re-energize. It allows for a mental get-away with a little endorphin-producing exercise on the side.

3. Take a nap. You’d be surprised at how refreshing carving out time for a nap can be. Quite often, we think napping is for kids and pseudo-nap while watching T.V. instead. Turn off the phone, the TV and the computer and take a lie down. There’s something scrumptiously recharging in giving yourself the time and space to sleep mid-afternoon. Your rested brain, body and psyche will thank you.

4. Take a weekend retreat. Whether you run off to camp in the woods for a couple of days or find a hot spring to soak away your worries, there is something incredibly resting about just getting away. You can find meditation retreats, writing workshops or even mini-dance camps that can help you get back into your groove.

5. Schedule a massage or acupressure appointment. There are few things as renewing as having a trained professional work out all your knots and kinks. If your practitioner also does energy work—BONUS! Let them help you relax, release and recharge. Again your brain, body and psyche will thank you for it.

6. Read a book. Most of us don’t take the time to cuddle into a comfy chair with a book, but allowing yourself the time nd space to sink into another world is incredibly recharging. Part is the allowance of time to “do nothing but read a book.” But the other part is the flexing of your imagination, which always help recharge your energy stores.

7. Create. Make a painting, write for no purpose at all except to express yourself or create a luscious five course meal. It doesn’t matter how you express yourself, but letting yourself out of the box of to-do’s is incredibly fulfilling and releasing on many levels. Express yourself.

If after a full recharge you still feel like you’re ready to run away and live on the beach, then it’s time to take a deeper look at what you are doing for work and how to find work that is more enlivening to your spirit. But my guess is, you just need a little, regularly scheduled “ME” time.




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7 responses to “Hard Worker, Tired! “I want to quit…”

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  5. There’s a lot of us experiencing this at the moment. Must be in the water! That or consumer fatigue.

  6. You are so welcome! I doubt that you and Miller Time are alone…what a time we are all in, and uncertainty in itself is a huge factor toward stress. At the bottom line and cumulatively, this is what we’re talking about here, isn’t it? Please tell your friends about us! 🙂

  7. Excellent acvice! Facing a similar scenario, I’ve also tried taking a little more vitamin C, as well as increasing my B vitamins. The B’s help decrease stress and I forgot what the C does, but it’s helpful and not just for your immune system. Just food for thought. Thanks for the great blog and all advice that’s in it. 🙂

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