Work Loafer Puts the zzzzzZZ’s in Costanza

Maybe there’ll be a rush on glass desks at the Depot. What to do if an employee “goes green” at work by recycling his desk as a napping den.    — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GWBW — I supervise this kid (not really, he’s 25) who I caught sleeping under his desk. Yes! He pulled a Costanza at work. When I reprimanded him, he told me midday napping helps build his brain. I was so pissed off, I don’t even know where to start with my real questions! Help me out. Daycare Supervisor


Dear Daycare Supervisor,

I get your disbelief at the audacity, as I had one employee report another for this exact same behavior a while back. I guess I’m naively shocked it’s still happening today, given the job market. This sort of bad decision making just proves: people are still people.

While his comment to you is scientifically true, napping does have a sort of cache-clearing effect on short term memory to allow for better learning of new information, in this context, his smarmy excuse only serves to lengthen the evidence list of his poor decision making. If this employee has exhibited this behavior only once, your verbal warning, an explanation if necessary as to why sleeping is inappropriate in the office, as well as an attempt to hear from him why (not excuse) this behavior occurred, should more than suffice. If it’s a pattern, or escalates to one, give him a written warning with consequences (suspension without pay, firing, etc.). Keep in mind, depending on the product/service environment (i.e., creative, tech, some start-ups), some workplaces have a very loose “policy” around the hours employees work (and rest on premise), so first check with your HR department for your official policy if this sort of cultural norm is cloudy or otherwise eludes you.

Or else, take a deep breath whenever dealing with someone who has a snappy answer even while being disciplined, and realize that he is pushing boundaries — and yours and his officemates’ are at stake here. Workplace morale starts with exhibited behavior — top down. Set the bar where you want it. [And then exercise your best judgment case by case, as even I, Saint BadWitch, have been so exhausted at work I’ve slept behind closed doors, but not habitually.]

Wink, singular,



No doubt she’s under that desk sleeping herself! GoodWitch is MIA here today because she is on doula duty…and has been so for the past shift and a half of  the hospital staffers around them. Please join me in sending new mama, papa and baby bears much love, joy and wellness!

UPDATE: Welcome to our latest Fan: Orlando Sean Grace DeLeon, 8lbs 8 oz, 21.75″, of bouncing baby boy! (3.29, 3:27A……


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2 responses to “Work Loafer Puts the zzzzzZZ’s in Costanza

  1. HAHA those were the days! Thanks for sharing, I mean busting yourself. I do clearly remember how EXHAUSTED I was. I also used to keep a yoga mat in my personal office for such occasions (or work meditations). Clients benefitted. Also let a preggers staffer nap in there once. This is simply a rejuvenating, brain rebuilding thing, but NOT generally acceptable in the main office area at most companies. Oh, that it were! The productivity! The progressiveness… ;}

  2. I seem to recall sleeping under a desk! Of course, we HAD been working about 20 hours straight at that point…

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