Harder than Michelle Obama’s Guns: Blood From a Stone

blood.frm.stoneWe all just do the best we can. Especially in especially hard times. Sometimes when we’re asked to give even more of ourselves, it can feel like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even when it’s our First Lady doing the asking.    — BadWitch

Readers Are Spellbound & Perplexed…

Dear GW/BW – I love Michelle Obama, but this campaign of hers to get people out to volunteer when she has hired help and most of us are working 40-60 hours a week to keep food on the table, just pisses me off. I get how important what she’s pushing for us, but I can’t help how pissed off I am! That’s not really a question but answer it anyway thanks.  — Tapped Out


Dear Tapped Out,

The biggest thing I’d suggest you “volunteer” right now is your focus. Hard-working sweet child, please re-focus your thoughts (the thing you can control on that list of yours) on your “I love Michelle Obama…” sentiment, and on your understanding how important what she’s pushing for is. That is your common ground with this woman who is, after all, just a woman. A human being. Just because she’s a woman who happens to be married to a guy who just happens to be the President of the United States, doesn’t make her a goddess nor bestow any special magical powers of greatness on her to demand (or is that guilt?) any more of you than you can demand from yourself. Michelle’s just a girl, Gwen Stefani — a wife, a mommy, just a First Lady — who happens to want to focus her passions on and for the greater good of the country, through us individually.

In the end, that’s all any of us can do, Tappy. Just focus on the right things and your heart will follow. Your working to keep food on the table is an invaluable service not only to yourself and family, but the country. Our kids are the next gen stewards of our community. What you show yours every day in the smallest ways, informs their developing characters and ethics, which will be what we oldesters come to rely on. No one can do it exactly like you do it. And if it still doesn’t seem to you like you do important enough work…when you can…you will…do all those other things in and for the world that no one but you can…volunteer to do.

Re-focus your resolve,



Dear Tapped Out,

It’s time to get over yourself and your guilty conscience. No one is telling you to stop working or to volunteer away your hours instead of taking care of your own family. Yes, many of us are working too many hours to have no time left over to work at a soup kitchen, etc., but you know everyone is not the same.

My sister is a step-mother to a teenager, an attorney heading up her own practice and a volunteer at Food Bank every week. She arranges her schedule to do this because it is important to her to be of service in the community. Does she expect everyone to do this? No. But some people have the time and the desire and we should be grateful that they pitch in where and when we cannot. All Michelle Obama is doing is trying to light that fire in people who can help.

You are lucky enough to have a job. Others are not so lucky and rely on food banks and volunteers to meet their own family’s needs. So you want to gripe at Michelle Obama for trying to invoke community spirit in others? If we, as a community, do not stop thinking about how we can further embellish our own backyards and refocus on how we can be of service, we are all going to hell in a broken, over-crowded hand-basket.

Maybe your way of volunteering is helping out at your kid’s school, which helps stretch the school budget and supply much needed services. Maybe you babysit for a friend one night so she can work an extra shift or just get a night off. There are many ways we can be of service. Even a smile or a compliment offered to a complete stranger that looks like they are having a rough day is volunteering of yourself. See what you can do to help and, really, quit bitching at the people who are trying to do what they can. In the end it will be of service to everyone—even you.

How you likin’ GW’s personality transplant w/ BW on this one!,



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